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Our Policies


We work one on one with our clients so our groomers are eagerly awaiting your arrival. If you arrive late to your appointment it forces the groomer to start your dog later and therefore finish them later, making them late to start working with their next client which has a cascading effect for the rest of our clients. 

If you're running late, please think of the impact this can have on our other clients and give us a call. While we will do our absolute best to accommodate you, running too late may mean we'll need to reschedule you. 

  • A minimum of 24 hours (one business day) notice is required for all cancellations including rescheduling, or late cancellation fees may apply
  • Reminder emails and texts are a courtesy. Please don't rely on them. The onus is on you to remember to attend your appointment at the time you booked
  • Serial non-attendees may be asked to pay a non-refundable deposit upon booking to hold their next appointment 
  • Grooming prices are dependent on size, condition and behaviour of dog. Dogs that require extra time than average will be charged accordingly
  • Extra large, matted double coated dogs may incur additional fees
  • We require all dogs coming in to our salon to be fully vaccinated, and up to date proof of vaccination is required at first visit, and then annually
  • Late pick up from Day Care or Grooming will incur late fees of $15 for every 5 minutes past closing
  • Arriving or picking up 30 minutes outside of your appointment time may incur a small Day Care fee
  • Late arrivals to grooming appointments may be required to reschedule to avoid holding up other clients and their appointments, and late fees applied
  • Pre-paid services are non-refundable
  • Our customers privacy is important to us, and we do not share personal customer information with any third party

We ask all our lovely customers to please remember we are a small, locally owned and run business. Our policies are designed to minimise inconvenience to others and allow us to continue to operate as we have to pay our groomers for their time for appointments you don't attend. When you don't show up to your appointments at the time you booked, you affect our other customers and cost us money. Please support us in continuing to provide Canberra dog owners with excellent, professional service by respecting these policies.